Liz Bolloten art on display at Library

The work of artist Liz Bolloten will be on display in Derry Central Library until next Tuesday, April 30.

The exhibition was launched by Clare Cooper from the Cowley Cooper Fine Art Gallery last Saturday.

Liz is an artist based between Inishowen and North Wales who produces original works of art, limited edition prints and postcards.

She paints in watercolour and enjoys exploring the textures within landscapes as well as individual representations of sights within Derry, Inishowen and their environs.

For the 2013 City of Culture Liz has worked on a series of unique paintings to encompass the City of Derry and County Derry, and it is these which are currently being exhibited.

In her painting she has captured many well-known streets including Shipquay Street, the centre of the city’s trade in the 18th Century, the traditional Irish Waterloo Street and iconic buildings such as Prehen House, Ebrington Barracks and the Mussenden Temple in Castlerock.

Liz has been influenced by pattern, and particularly by the play of light within the natural world. She likes to explore negative spaces in their own right, as an unseen landscape.

Liz explains: “When I come across light lingering on an old abandoned building, as at No 8 Artillery Street, I have a desire to communicate something of the process of disintegration and the beauty of decline.”

In addition to the City of Culture collection, some of the Inishowen series which consists of 16 views will also be included in the exhibition. More details about Liz’s work can be found on her website,

All are welcome to view Liz’s work in Central Library.