Return of Colcmille wins UK award

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Derry’s memorable ‘Return of Colmcille’ festival last night scooped an award at a prestigious ceremony in London.

SDLP Foyle MP Mark Durkan has this morning said he is delighted that the festival – one of the showcase events of City of Culture 2013 – won the Best Outdoor category at last night’s 2014 Event Awards in London.

Mr Durkan said: “I would like to congratulate everyone at the Culture Company and the creators of the Return of Colmcille pageant – Walk the Plank – on winning this prestigious award.

“I hope that both Marty Melarkey and Frank Cottrell-Boyce are rightfully proud that the original concept and lively script which were translated with such imagination and participation have resulted in this well deserved award. That pride and satisfaction should be shared by all who volunteered and lent themselves to making such a diverse, lively and powerful celebration such a remarkable success.

“Last year’s Return of Colmcille festival was a truly spectacular weekend which celebrated not only our patron saint but the city he founded and the culture he inspired. It was fantastic to celebrate him and the city’s pedigree with such fun, colour, music and imagery.

It will be a major civic memory, a landmark of a special year and it is wonderful that the work which went into it has received this accolade.”