The London Street Gallery wants to hear from you!

As the City of Culture year draws to an end, the London Street Gallery are interested in the views of what people want to see as a legacy for the Visual Arts in the city.

Creative Village Arts, the charity behind the new Pump Street Studios and the City of Culture’s London Street Gallery, have put together a research document which seeks to discover what Derry people have thought of the Visual Arts representation in the city during this cultural year, and what they want to see going forward.

“In order to structure a proper response to the ‘legacy’ question for the Visual Arts there’s no point asking just artists”, explains CVA’s Director, Steve Lewis.

“That’s why we will be distributing a Visitors’ Survey to people who come to the London Street Gallery this month and next.

“We hope we will get significant feedback from the public in terms of what they have enjoyed seeing this year, and what they want to see in the future. We are also distributing this Survey online, on the London Street Gallery website, (, and would encourage anyone who can’t get into the gallery to download it and fill it in for us – if you can, scan it and email it back to, if not please make the effort to post it back to us, or get a friend to drop it in. We really want to incorporate as many views as we can. The more responses we get, the more statistically credible our research will be.”

Steve adds that they are also producing an Artists’ survey and will be contacting all exhibiting artists soon for feedback.