Turner ‘economy’ art payout halved

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The money on offer for those who engage in an exchange about the economy at the Turner Prize Exhibition has been slashed.

Whether a sign of the times or a clever quirk of the artwork, Tino Sehgal’s ‘This is Exchange’ was only forking out a pound at the weekend to those who stopped to chat about the recession.

Perhaps it’s an artistic reflection of the downward spiral of the economy and maybe next week the payout will be cut to 50p, having started out a fortnight ago at £2 per conversation, say observers.

A spokesperson for the Tate, which is running the world renowned exhibition at Ebrington Barracks was giving little away yesterday.

The spokesperson said that the amount of money paid to those who take part in the installation’s chat on the economy “is at the discretion of the participants in the piece”. The spokesperson added that there is a “daily quota” of cash.