Void moves to new level

Maoliosa Boyle. (2311PG38)
Maoliosa Boyle. (2311PG38)

Derry’s Void Gallery has given a boost to the local jobs market with the announcement of five new posts at the popular city centre art-space.

With four staff currently employed at Void, the new jobs means that the gallery, based in Patrick Street, will in fact more than double its staffing levels.

Maoliosa Boyle, artist and Manager of Void, told the ‘Journal’ yesterday: “There will be five new freelance posts created, including that of a fundraiser, thanks to the Arts Council of Northern Ireland Development Fund. They’ll have an initial contract of six months in the hope that these will be rolled out for longer.

“One of the main requirements of the posts was that whoever applied must be willing to hit the ground running, so they are all people with a lot of expertise and experience of working within arts organisations - all experts in their field.”

Aware of the importance of preparing for next year’s Culture celebrations, including a busier Void schedule and an influx of visitors, Ms Boyle decided to apply to the Arts Council to fund the posts.

“I realised that the organisation needed to grow and develop in the lead-up to 2013 and it’s brilliant that the Arts Council have recognised the need for additional people now ahead of the Culture year.

“We’ll need extra resources to help divide up the workload for next year, and it means we’ll be bringing in people with new skills and new experience to help us move forward.

“Because we’re creating jobs, it’s good news for the current climate too. It also shows that arts organisations are already strengthening themselves in readiness for 2013.”

Void, which opened in January 2005, houses two gallery spaces, six studios and education area and a conference room.

For more information on Void and all they do, see: www.derryvoid.com