Bridgeen has bold designs on Derry

Local designer Bridgeen Gillespie. (231112JC8)
Local designer Bridgeen Gillespie. (231112JC8)

Bridgeen Gillespie is a local digital illustrator and textile artist with a passion for fabric design and embroidery.

With a particular skill for design and quilt-making, the Derry woman was delighted to learn she had secured funding from the Culture Company.

She told the ‘Journal’ yesterday: “The aim of my project is to highlight Derry/Londonderry’s shared heritage by creating a collection of fabric designs inspired by architectural features from many historical city centre buildings.”

While she keeps the finer details to herself for now, Bridgeen ultimately aims to create a stunning quilt. “The subsequent creation of a quilt featuring these fabrics is intended to reflect on the past and project into the future by combining in new and challenging ways digital arts with hand crafts, modern and traditional skills. It will bridge the generational gap between older traditional quilters and a young digital designer aspiring to spotlight these heritage crafts in the 21st century.”