Deaf comedian to perform in Derry

John Smith
John Smith

John Smith, a profoundly deaf comedian, is set to perform in Derry as part of the Big Tickle comedy festival.

He was invited to Derry by the Foyle Deaf Association and will perform at the Gallery in the Playhouse tomorrow night from 7pm.

Following on from his hugely successful first stand up appearance in 2005, John has moved into bigger and bigger venues, entertaining in deaf clubs and theatres countrywide and across Europe, USA and the world.

Using his experiences of growing up in a hearing world, John bring his observations to life, engaging his audience in hours of laughter and reflection.

The show covers topics such as current deaf issues, deaf politics and school life.

Tickets for John’s show cost £10. The show is suitable for over 18s - and contains strong language and adult content.