Derry graffiti film now available at 3k universities

A documentary on graffiti in Derry is now available on a platform serving 3000 universities globally in a major coup for filmmakers, Eileen Walsh and David Dryden.

Saturday, 20th July 2019, 9:00 pm
Updated Saturday, 20th July 2019, 10:00 pm

‘Together in Pieces’, released in 2016, documents the evolving political landscape through graffiti and murals. Ms. Walsh and Mr. Dryden are now celebrating the closure of an international deal with the prestigious academic platform Kanopy, that makes the film accessible to a huge worldwide audience.

Ms. Walsh said: “This is our first film so we were thrilled to hear that it is now up on Kanopy, a prestigious digital education platform that serves over 3000 universities around the world, including Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Cambridge etc. It’s like Netflix for universities. NI has been too quiet on the subject of sectarianism which remains an unspoken and as yet largely unaddressed subtext.”

Mr. Dryden said: “‘Together in Pieces’ seems to appeal to arts, cultural, social geography and conflict resolution interests across the world, as well as to the Irish diaspora. It reflects an emerging vibrant NI which is not part of the ‘official’ narrative promoted by institutions, even today.”

Peter Greene of Silicon Beach Distribution said: “Silicon Beach Distribution is excited to be working with Kanopy for the worldwide educational distribution of ‘Together in Pieces’. They are well-respected in the educational distribution arena and continue to expand their presence beyond universities to public libraries.”