DJ Ois Bosh releases his latest single

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Ois Bosh, one of Ireland’s youngest up and coming hit DJs, is releasing his latest track.

The track called ‘Show Me How’ is a house dance mix with vibes resonant of Dutch producer Mike Williams.

He explained: “I incorporated Piano on the track as piano is a big in my family, and it is good to stay true to your roots. I am excited to hear what people think of it, I think it is my best work to date.”

It’s been an incredible year for DJ Ois Bosh, a regular in local venues, he played in Ireland’s premiere venue, The 3Arena back in May and Festival Republic’s new festival, Kaleidoscope in Wicklow recently.

He added: “I am in negotiations with some of Ireland’s biggest promoters to bring my set to bigger festivals and bigger audiences.”

Get “Show Me How” on iTunes and Spotify.