Glam Club says it’s ‘about time’ it opened in Derry

A new club for Derry’s LGBT community will run tomorrow night in the Rosemount factory and local people have been invited to try it out for themselves.

The club, Glam, which promises great entertainemnt, is a non profit making venture which will run once a month.

This week’s theme is Ireland’s first ever Gay UV Beach Party.

Glam is run by Derry men Gerard Doherty and David Fleming who after seeing the lack of social opportunities for the LGBT community in Derry decided to do something about it.

Glam has a famous motto of “I am what I am”.

Gerard and David welcome everyone who supports the LGBT community and welcome all members of the LGBT community to GLAM.

GLAM caters for people from all ages and you will surely meet new friends and help people interact with long lost friends,

GLAM has a close relationship with The Rainbow Project in Derry and is non profit making as all money raised is reinvested back to pay staffing costs and help buy in new material for up coming nights.