Crowd’s delight at ‘Homegrown’

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Paul Casey, Bronagh Gallagher, Paddy Nash and band members on stage for the finale of Homegrown. PHOTO: Courtesy of Gerry Temple. (2001CD03)

With all three bands returning for their second Millennium Forum gig, it’s fair to say that the crowd was packed to the rafters with die-hard and new fans alike.

Paddy Nash and his exuberant Happy Enchiladas took to the stage first, playing a mixture of both old and new tracks.

The old songs had the audience clapping and singing along, while Paddy’s inherent talent to tell a story through song lyrics became evermore evident as he choose to play a number of his new works.

His passionate and knowledgable lyrics were showcased in ‘Good Conversation’, ‘Seized’ and ‘Adam and Evan’ There’s a sense of anticipation growing in advance of the next album, due out later in 2014.

Back in her hometown, Bronagh Gallagher shone like the star she is, choosing to showcase a mixture of music from her past albums as she awaits the recording of her third later this year.

Her singing talent is sometimes overlooked but she has a melodic and mesmerising voice that is only enhanced through her expressive performance style.

However, it was her anecdotes between the music that had the audience hooked. It’s clear that she has the ability to persue yet another career this time in stand-up, if she likes.

Headlining the night was local singer Paul Casey. He also took the oportunity to showcase some of his new work, as yet unrecorded, and these songs were a hit with those listening intently.

Homegrown was Paul’s vision last year and it seems clear that all three performers hope it will become a regular date in the calendar.

Last Friday night’s gig was completed with a rendition of ‘Stand By Me’ from everyone taking part - with Liam McGuigan’s harmonica solo provng to be a huge crowd pleaser.

And if the chat after the show is anything to go by, there’s a thirst for them all to play again in 2015.