Darrell hits all the right notes!

Darrell's EP is causing a stir on iTunes. (191012JC9)
Darrell's EP is causing a stir on iTunes. (191012JC9)

Walled City Records, established by local men Oran O’Carroll and ‘Glee’ star Damien McGinty, has just scored its first global chart success thanks to the talents of its first signed artist, Derry musician Darrell Coyle.

Darrell’s debut EP, ‘My My My’, has now charted in no less than SIX countries on iTunes, even reaching an incredible No.10 in Mexico!

Besides hitting the top ten in Mexico, the EP has also charted in the UK, US, Canada, Peru and Australia.

Speaking to the ‘Journal’ this week, Darrell Coyle said he was “extremely happy with the sales so far.”

“I’ve been given a lot of support from Damian and Oran and we worked hard to get it in the charts, so it’s right where it should be,” he added.

Label founder Oran said of his protégé: “It was crazy to see our artist’s release in a top 10 spot in Mexico alongside major recording artists! It’s very surreal that an indie record label has taken their first signing and charted them in 6 countries worldwide.

“Damian’s exposure has worked well and he was able to promote Darrell’s music to one million people online.”

Derry celebrity Damien McGinty described Darrell’s success as “an incredible achievement.”

“It’s really amazing for us to see this happen. The support has been incredible.,” he says. “Oran does the work that goes on behind the scenes, and I’ve been gifted with a fan base close to a million online, that we have exposed Darrell to, leading to this phenomenal chart success.

“And amazing as it is, it’s still a stepping stone for bigger and better things. Derry City of Culture is coming, and we have big things planned. Here’s to the future!”