Derry’s Dead Heroes Club release their third album

Everything is Connected is available now from Cool Discs.
Everything is Connected is available now from Cool Discs.

Dead Heroes Club, Derry’s only Progressive Rock band, have just unleashed their third much-anticipated album ‘Everything is Connected’, on the rock world.

Not only do Dead Heroes Club proudly belong in that hallowed category alongside the likes of Pink Floyd and Yes, they can also lay genuine claim to being the sole exponents of the genre in Ireland at the moment.

Everything Is Connected is arguably the band’s most accomplished set of songs to date, follows on from their two previous critically acclaimed albums Dead Heroes Club (2004) and Time of Shadow (2009). This latest offering takes them even further on their musical journey and it is already beginning to command attention in a musical world dominated by huge acts such as Rush, Pink Floyd and Dream Theatre.

The band’s growing reputation for musically dynamic and lyrical albums has led to significant album sales not only in the Ireland and the UK but also, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and America. Dead Heroes Club’s blend of power and melody with a progressive rock edge, and lyrics that deal with contemporary issues and modern themes has received praise from the critics also with Classic Rock magazine saying of the band: “Ireland has a progressive rock band of its own and one to be mentioned in the same breath as modern proggers Spock’s Beard, The Flower Kings, Glass Hammer and Porcupine Tree”.

These are exciting times for the band having just signed to a new UK label and distributor, and with a new dedicated website and e-shop going live earlier this month.

The latest album Everything Is Connected is available from Cool Discs and selected stores throughout NI. The new album, and the band’s critically acclaimed back catalogue is also available at their new e-shop: - so get yourself connected.