Enchiladas back Drink Think campaign

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One of Derry’s best known bands are backing a Christmas campaign urging people to drink sensibly the Festive period.

Paddy Nash and the Happy Enchiladas released the single and video ‘Can’t Say No’ on Wednesday, as part of the Drink Think Project’s Christmas campaign.

The song - and accompanying video which can now be watched online - tells the story of a guy who puts booze first at the expense of his family.

“We are delighted to be part of this fantastic campaign,” says Paddy.

“We were well aware of the great work being done already by the Drink Think team and are proud to be part of it in a small way. We hope the song will get you dancing, get you singing along and most of all get you thinking”

Joanne Smith, manager of Drink Think says linking up with the band gives their campaign added impetus.

‘We want people to enjoy all that’s good and great about the festive period and to prioritise friends and family over alcohol. Alcohol may well be a part of their celebrations, but it just shouldn’t be the primary focus for people. Paddy and the Band are fantastic at conveying a message in a way that people can relate to so it was a pleasure to team up with them on this.’

The song and video are now available for download through the Drink Think Website and Youtube. The band will be playing at 6pm on December 12 at the Christmas Market, and at 6:30pm the following day also at the Guildhall Square Market.

Drink Think staff will also be at the market to chat to people about any concerns they might have.

More information is available online at www.drinkthinkproject.org or phone 02871363925.