First Sandinos, then WOMAD!

Derry's Balkan Alien Sound. (Photo courtesy of GC Photographics)
Derry's Balkan Alien Sound. (Photo courtesy of GC Photographics)

Ahead of their huge WOMAD gig later this month in England, the Balkan Alien Sound’s Gypsy Folk Klub returns to the cosy back room in Sandinos next Thursday, July 19, for one of their biggest extravaganzas to date.

This Folk Klub will be welcoming back some old friends from across Europe in the form of Za Ucha!

Current members of the band include players from the fantastic Txutxukan, who were the first guest band to the Gypsy Folk Klub a few years ago.

The Za Ucha is a spicy project instigated in Ireland in 2010 by a bunch of crazy musicians who whirled in from the continent: the guys from Crazy Punchy Funky Gypsy Music band Txütxükan, and their friend Stella Rodriguez.

Together they explore the twists and bends of Balkan, Klezmer and Gypsy music, fusing traditional dances and modern sound of Balkan, Klezmer, and Gypsy music. Good friends of Balkan Alien Sound, there are sure to be some shared antics onstage between the two bands.

Balkan Alien Sound will be using the night a spring board for their set for WOMAD London the following week where they’ll be proudly representing Derry and Ireland after the the festival was refused by Culture Company for Derry for 2013.

The band want to make sure WOMAD knows the people of Derry would have loved the festival to come to Derry.

For some serious dancing in the meantime, don’t miss Sandinos for just £5. Free Balkan Cuisine and Rakija for all...