Having made a huge impact on TV show ‘The Exiles: Vancouver’ the future looks bright for Derry tenor George Hutton.

George Hutton, on song and looking to the future.
George Hutton, on song and looking to the future.

He didn’t think that when he signed up for reality TV show ‘The Exiles: Vancouver’ that he would become a bit of a heart throb.

But no sooner had the first episode aired on RTE2 than Derry man George Hutton was inundated with Tweets from female admirers.

George Hutton pictured at the wrap party of RTE Exiles: Vancouver.

George Hutton pictured at the wrap party of RTE Exiles: Vancouver.

It was also widely accepted by the Twitterati at large that he seemed like a fairly decent kind of guy.

Even the TV reviewer of the ‘Irish Independent’ was taken with his down to earth manner - while branding the rest of the Exiles cast as “brash, solipsistic, vacuous and annoying” he said: “There is one exception here, a sixth character: George, a trained opera singer. He can sing, properly. He has a Derry accent. He wears a GAA jersey. He seems like – you know – a real person. Someone you might actually meet in real life, and I’m not counting cool Dublin clubs and the media scene as real life.”

So all in all - the Derry man has done well.

“From a personal perspective the reaction to Exiles has been incredible,” he told the ‘Journal’. “I went out there worked hard, sang my heart out and always remained humble and true to myself.

“There have been so many people coming up to me on the street and saying they love my voice and my attitude, all really positive and so humbling to be honest!”

And as for the heart throb status - and his newly acquired nickname of ‘Gorgeous George’? “My new status as ‘Gorgeous George? That’s a cracker!

“I’ve definitely been getting a lot of attention, which is very strange and I’m not sure how I feel about it yet, but I’ve had nothing but positive feedback from fans of the show and lots of really nice messages from people I’ve never met.

“It’s nice to have support because it really helps drive you on and adds to your motivation.”

The response close to home has also been amazing - and George is overwhelmed by it.

“When the show aired I kept my feet firmly on the ground, as far as I was concerned nothing had changed, as it went on I was blown away by how much people had taken to me and my voice.

“As for the people of Derry, my God have they been incredible. I feel so grateful and humbled by all the support, really can’t thank everyone enough!”

The aim of ‘Exiles’ was to propel George a little bit closer towards his dream of becoming a recording artist - and so far he has managed to make a big impression with his debut single reaching number one in the Itunes easy listening chart.

“My first single ‘My Beautiful’ is live on iTunes and has gone to number one in the UK and Ireland.

“I was approached by a group called ‘The Cotton Tree Project’ who really wanted me to collaborate on a song with them. When I first read the lyrics I fell in love with it straight away.

“It’s a beautiful story of love, loss and hope. My second single is one I wrote myself called ‘Waiting’ which has more of an upbeat pop vibe and I’m very excited about that one as well!

“My main focus however is my new four track EP and album which I’m hoping will be ready for Christmas/early new year.

“I work closely with good friend and lead singer of ‘The Rain’ Andrew Dempsey who is a fabulous singer and all round musician.

“We recorded together out in Jealoustown Studios where Damien Dempsey, Sinead O’Connor and Hozier have all recorded, so hopefully that’s a good omen!”

But recording is not George’s only project, as he explained: “There are few exciting projects in the mix at the minute! I’m currently putting the final touches to my musical production ‘The Exile’ and I’m working closely with my very talented co-star Dylan Townsend, along with another fabulous writer David Quinn. Who knows it may make an appearance in our lovely Derry City?

“Also Nicola Hughes (his Exiles co-star) and I will be doing a music video together which I’m very excited about. After all the drama that unfolded we became very good friends. She’s a girl who gets judged a lot but I got to know her well in the end and she really is a beautiful and very down to earth girl.”

But for now George says he is enjoying being back at home in Derry and spending time with his family and friends - and playing his beloved GAA.