I loved ‘Tonight’s the Night’ with every beat of my heart!

The cast of Tonight's the Night on stage.
The cast of Tonight's the Night on stage.

I would not consider myself to be a fan of Rod Stewart - Claire Allan writes - but the reviews from the UK tour promised that ‘Tonight’s the Night’ - the musical featuring the songs of the Scottish rock god - was worth seeing.

So when it rolled into the Forum this week, I went to see for myself.

The story, penned by Ben Elton, is fairly simple - a nerd called Stu, loves a girl called Mary. He dreams of confidence, of success, of singing great songs - of possessing the soul of the one and only Rod Stewart.

Enter the devil - in the form of the exceptionally talented Tiffany Graves who strikes a deal with the weedy Stu and gives him the confidence to not only get the girl but pursue his dream of a life on the road. Of course - all is not as it seems and Stu finds that success can bring its own loneliness.

The show moves at a break-neck speed, with frequent impressive set changes. Ben Heathcoate as Stu has an astounding raspy rock voice which at times makes you feel as if you are actually listening to Rod himself.

The dancers were faultless - and believe me they had to move! The show defines high energy.

The show runs through 25 Rod classics. Each one is performed with such energy that the enjoyment the cast are clearly having on stage cannot fail to crack even the most reserved of audiences.

Vocally, there was not one bum note and some of the performances were, simply put, breathtaking. Andy Rees and Jenna-Lee James singing ‘I Don’t Wanna Talk About It’ was truly spinetingling.

For comedy value the show was stolen by Ricky Rojas as Stoner (think Keith Richards meets Captain Jack Sparrow) - whose chemistry with Tiffany Graves (appearing again as ‘Baby Jane’) was a delight to watch.

This was, without a doubt, the best musical I have seen on the Forum stage bar none. If you’ve not got tickets yet, the show runs til Saturday.

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