‘I really felt I wanted to give something back to Derry’

Bronagh Gallagher, who will preview her new album at the Millennium Forum next month.
Bronagh Gallagher, who will preview her new album at the Millennium Forum next month.

Music fans in Derry are in for a real treat next month when local singer/songwriter Bronagh Gallagher brings an exclusive sneak peek of her new album to the Millennium Forum for one night only.

And with all proceeds from the night going to the Foyle Hospice, of which Bronagh is a patron, the night on the town will also help fund a very worthy cause close to the heart of many local people.

Bronagh has been working on her new album for the past two years - and she describes its genesis as “a tough one”.

“Writing it came in spurts. You have to wait for the creative juices to flow - but now, thankfully, it’s starting to shape up really well.

“I have gone through the fear of wondering if it was good enough, but I’m at the stage now where I’m surprised at how it’s coming together. I feel really peaceful about it, and I’m excited to get it out there and give it a full outing.”

The album will not be released until February, so this really is the chance to get a great preview of a record which will no doubt propel Bronagh even further into the public consciousness,

“We have been building really well. The last record had good sales and was also really well received by the critics - which is a big relief.

“I see the work people put into albums and if they don’t do well, or get bad reviews, that can be heartbreaking. Getting a good response means you can get perhaps two years work, touring a record.”

The decision to preview her new work in Derry, in aid of the Hospice, was not a difficult one for Bronagh.

“I didn’t want to be just a name on a piece of paper when I became a patron,” she said.

“I know the best way to help the Hospice is to support them financially - get a bit of cash their way.

“We all know the work they do - and that they rely on the support of the general public and businesses to stay open - so I wanted to do something which would help.”

Having held a number of smaller events in the past, Bronagh decided this time that the Forum offered the perfect venue for the night.

“It meant we were able to keep prices reasonable. £35 will get two people a night out - and thankfully we’ve had a really good reaction to the concert so far.”

Of course, music is not Bronagh’s only love. While completing her record, she has also been working on a new TV series for Sky, NBC and the BBC - ‘You, Me and the Apocalypse’ - a comedy drama starring, among others, Rob Lowe, Pauline Quirke, Megan Mullaly and Jenna Fischer.

“I play Diana Rigg’s hit woman,” Bronagh revealed, adding that the show will debut in the autumn.

Bronagh’s concert at the Millennium Forum takes place on September 26. To book call 71264455.