Nile Rodgers from Chic ‘I’d love to come back’ to Derry!’

Derry disco fans can log onto the ‘Journal’ website now to see some footage of Chic’s sell-out summer show as well as the legendary Nile Rodger’s saying how “perfect” his first Derry show was!

The footage shows thousands of local fans dancing at the Venue on August 28, followed by an informal chat with Rodgers, who described the Derry show as “exciting as hell - it was perfect!”



“I have to say that the outfits were particularly amazing,” he adds. “People took the show very seriously and got all dressed up... They don’t realise that I’m probably getting just as much as they are out of the show as they are, if not more. So I’d love to come back, they can have me back as many times as they want!”

Chic’s return show on October 31 sold out in three hours.