Record Store Day at Derry’s Cool Discs shop

Lee Mason, Cool Discs, Foyle Street, Derry. 1204JM10
Lee Mason, Cool Discs, Foyle Street, Derry. 1204JM10

As Derry’s only independent record store gears up to celebrate Record Store Day, lavish praise has been thrust in its direction.

One of Ireland’s finest musical exports, The Frames, Swell Season frontman, Academy Award winner and all round good guy, Glen Hansard, has described Cool Discs as: “His favourite Record Store.

“A drop in centre for the those driven by imagination, a lifeline to those who want to start a band, a museum of song, a hub of thinkalikes. It’s much more than merely a small independant business. It’s bigger picture stuff.”

To celebrate Record Store Day, the shop will host a number of local performers playing sets throughout Saturday afternoon. Expected among the crowd pleasers are Paul Casey, Conor McAteer and Bronagh Gallagher.

The shop is also to have a huge promotional sale with rarities and exclusive ‘must haves’ from the likes of Nirvana and the Foo Fighters.

Record Store Day exists to raise awareness of the UK’s independent record shops with a raft of exclusive releases which are only available in participating stores on the day itself, together with PAs, after-parties and many other special events.

In a day of downloads and pirate file sharing Lee Mason proprietor of Cool Discs is to offer a massive discounts on the day from 9am, every single customer will receive a free music sampler, and there will be raffles for concert tickets etc.

Mr. Mason said: “Over the years I have collected some very very collectable stuff and I will be placing some of this on the racks .

“Record Store Day shows that indie record shops offer music fans something you can’t get online or in a supermarket.

“There’s some great product and we are expecting Saturday April 16 to be the biggest Record Store Day yet . Last year was great and with the live music and lots of other stuff going on we expect this year to even better .”

Glen Hansard said: “I can’t tell you how thrilled I was when I found the Frames section in Cool Discs.

“There among all that greatness, my band had a place in this small shop on Foyle Street, that allowed me to imagine our place in the greater community of song.

“It’s good to dream out loud! In fact it’s crucial.

“This Independent Records Day, head down and just hang out, and just be thankful that this shop is still there.

“A deep well in a drought. And if the well dries up, be ready to start digging.”

Cool Discs celebrates Independent Record Store Day on Saturday April 16th.