‘The Town I Loved So Well’ musical history explored

The source of Derry’s rich musical history is to be explored in a special BBC radio programme.

‘The Town I Loved So Well’ airs on BBC Radio Ulster/Foyle this Sunday and is hosted by one of Derry’s most famous exports, Bronagh Gallagher.

“I had the best few days in Derry while recording ‘The Town I Loved So Well’, meeting such special people who have such knowledge and unique experiences of the legacy of music in our city,” Bronagh said.

“The wonderful inside stories and history about our venues, the brilliant brass bands and the work ethic that created the incredible quality of live musicianship and show bands left me wanting only to know more and look forward greatly to sharing these stories with you.”

The Pulp Fiction and Commitments actress, and critically acclaimed musician, meets some of the unsung heroes who have been a constant presence on the city’s musical landscape and she pays tribute to those who have helped encourage and inspire the musicians that have put the city on the worldwide stage.