VIDEO:St Mary’s frenzy over Jordan

Screams of delight and frenzied applause greeted Britain’s got Talent star Jordan O’Keefe when dropped into St Mary’s College for an hour-long performance.

Fourth lesson today was dropped for some of the younger students as they were treated to a live show by the 18 year-old Derry talent.

St Mary's College students Rebecca Wright and Ena Molloy pictured on stage with their idol Jordan O'Keefe on Tuesday. 3005JM47

St Mary's College students Rebecca Wright and Ena Molloy pictured on stage with their idol Jordan O'Keefe on Tuesday. 3005JM47

Speaking after the performance in the assembly hall, Jordan said the reception was incredible. “I came here to St Mary’s today and crowd was unbelievable.

He added that the support he received from the people of Derry had been “fantastic” during his recent rise to stardom.

Jordan’s life has been turned upside down in recent weeks.

“The last few weeks have been everything people have told me they would be.”

“My ma told me I was going to be busy and that people would want to see me all the time but I thought, nah I’ll only be on TV for seven minutes, it won’t be that big. But literally, I have 38,000 followers on twitter and I only had a thousand before. Since the audition went out it’s been just madness, but I love it. I can go on twitter and spend a full day tweeting to just answer people back.”

With that bank of support, the modest young performer now hopes to make his mark in the music world regardless of success on Britain’s Got Talent.

“Even if I don’t get anything out of the show, I’ve still got a bit of a fan base now so I can try and build on it and see what I can do.”

The public will find out this weekend whether Jordan will progress in the ITV talent competition.

“This weekend will be the ‘reveal day’ and you’ll see who goes through to the semi finals.”

But Jordan is mindful that singing, song writing and playing the guitar with such talent may not be all that the public is looking for.

“I’m alright, I’m not bad . . . but you never know, someone could come up with a talking rabbit or a dog that can do multiple back flips and that could be me out of the show. But I am one of the favourites as well so you never know. I could get into the semi-finals and get put out right away, who knows?”

Jordan said he has met some “rare boys” during the show. “There’s one boy on the show who’s just nuts and there are few others. I don’t want to say who they are but there are some mad people there.”

However, the teenager has been impressed by many of the people he rubbed shoulders with at the auditions. “There’s more talent there this year than I have every seen and it’s fantastic.”

As for the hard talking Simon Cowell, Jordan said he was “very, very nice”. “Whenever I came on stage, he chatted to me and made me feel very comfortable. I wanted to impress Simon, because I think it’s very important to impress him.”

With all his talent now laid bare on national television for all to admire, the young performer is trying to keep up with the change of pace in his life but that’s not to say he’s not enjoying it.

“If I’m not in London, I’ve been doing PR and gigging, there’s a lot happening and it’s good. If I don’t win this then I hope to get signed or progress in music.

“I don’t want to go back to working in the estate agents like I was doing before. I’ve got a taste for this now and I don’t want it to end.”

Jordan performed several cover versions and two of his own numbers for a around 200 screaming school children and their teachers at St Mary’s College.

Thanking the singer for ““, School Principal Marie Lindsay said to much applause.: “Fourth lesson should be like this all the time.” She added: “I know people say Radio One’s Big Weekend starts on Friday but we all know that it actually started here in St Mary’s today.”