New book tells of our need to care for world

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A former teacher at St Mary’s College will launch her latest work at Veritas bookshop on Shipquay Street this Thursday evening at 7pm.

It is the second book written by environmental campaigner Sister Nellie McLaughlin and was inspired by Pope Francis’s encyclical on human interaction with the planet and what we must do to save it from further harm.

With her book entitled ‘Life’s Delicate Balance’, Sister Nellie- a member of theSisters of Mercy congregation, asks that people heed the Pope’s call to to pay more attention to the environment.

“This is the first time in the history of the church that a Pope has written specifically on the environment,” said Sister Nellie.

“Earlier this year he published ‘Laudato Si’: On Care for Our Common Home which askes people to consider their place within the web of life and to find their role in helping to save our planet from destruction.”

The purpose of ‘Life’s Delicate Balance’ is to stress the inextricable link between all beings on earth and is an urgent and timely wake-up call in its own right.

Since Sister Nellie left her teaching post at St Mary’s in Derry she has been travelling across Ireland to work with communities interested in sustainable living.

Sister Nellie who is a native of Culdaff, is now based in Donegal Town and takes her love of agriculture and the environment from growing up on a farm. She is also a founding member of Green Sod Ireland, a charitable trust established in 2007 with the aiming of preserving swathes of land for wildlife.

The main thrust of Sister Nellie’s work at the moment is cosmology and ecology and she has previously written a book entitled ‘Out of Wonder’ which takes the reader through a history of the universe.

Her books are available at all Veritas shops.