Polish woman describes her first Hallowe'en in Derry

Gosia Pytel, from Poland, dressed as a pirate.
Gosia Pytel, from Poland, dressed as a pirate.

Gosia Pytel is originally from Krakow, in Poland but Derry has been her home for the last six months.

Gosia described in her own words what her first experience of Hallowe'en was like in Derry.

"Poland doesn’t celebrate Halloween. When I moved from Krakow to Derry this April and heard it’s a place to be for this holiday, I was quite excited but doubtful.

"When the weekend arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by a Halloween edition of the local market fair. The city centre buzzed with music, chatter, happy kids rocking their costumes and parents reliving their own trick-or-treating days. And it was only the beginning!

"There were tons of attractions placed around the city, and it was impossible to walk around without being pulled into some kind of a spooky situation… and it was awesome!

"Fun, happy mood and laughter all around, I strolled the street to be met with circus performers, fire throwers, musicians and much more. But my favourite part was to come later - after dark, the city walls came to life with “Awakening the Walls”, an interactive tour around.

"Following a map on already somewhat spooky walls, I passed through entertaining circus acts, burlesque trapeze dancers, light shows, storytelling, projections, a haunted house with a freaky nun and more. It was so much fun and interesting and made me want to join them next year!

"The finale came in the form of the parade and I must say, I was thoroughly surprised! Dance troupes, theatre acts, and enormous floats crossed the city. There was an anarchist guitarist jamming a tune, giant skeletons, a grunge car with its own troupe… Amazing!

"Needless to say, my first Halloween was filled with joy, fun and creativity of the city and will definitely stay one of the best memories."