‘Symphonic’ attracts top Derry artists and designers

Curators of Meta at 'Symphonic', Shauneen Colhoun and Joseph Carlin.
Curators of Meta at 'Symphonic', Shauneen Colhoun and Joseph Carlin.

Some of the best local up-and-coming talent from the world of fashion and contemporary art will take part in a special event designed to raise money for Action Cancer in Belfast next week.

‘Symphonic’ will see artists and fashion designers from all over Northern Ireland, including five from Derry, team up with contemporaries from Rome to stage a never before seen event in the formerCrumlin Road Jail on November 12.

Those from Derry taking part are - Joseph Carlin, Shauneen Colhoun, Vincent Fahy, Don Murray and Niamh Roberts. All five are currently based between Derry, Belfast and London and are collectively known as ‘Meta.’ Speaking ahead of the event, artist, Joe Carlin, said he was delighted to be involved in an event that was raising money for cancer.

“The significance of Symphonic not only lies in the good deed of raising much needed funds for the cause, but also the fact that it is drawing together the talent and ability from the entire province,” said Joe.

“Giving Derry designers and artists the opportunity to showcase outside of their hometown is a huge opportunity. A new audience can lead to growth and new possibilities. With funding cuts apparent in the creative scene here it really is an increasingly harder world to do something of such a scale,” he added.

Joe is synonymous with the the fashion scene in Derry and said he would like to see a ‘Symphonic’ event happen in Derry.

“With the amount of talent here on offer within the city, I can definitely see an emergence of ideas for Symphonic’s future where we can look at bringing the event here. It was set up with a ‘who’ attitude and not ‘where’, which can be a hot topic here, especially politically. So it doesn’t belong to a location.

“Every single contributor to the event is giving their time for free, so charity really is at the heart of it. With that being said, guests will still feel treated like stars, with a champagne reception, light supper, gift bags and much more,” he added.

‘Symphonic’ will take place in the Crumlin Road Gaol on Thursday November 12 and will be hosted by Sarah Travers and Joe Carlin. Tickets cost £25 and can be purchased from www.actioncancer.org