A ‘Fascinating’ night at the Forum

Fascinating Aida
Fascinating Aida

Their ode to budget airlines ‘Cheap Flights’ has gone viral on YouTube, attracting in excess of nine million views. They’ve been nominated for the Olivier Award on three occasions and one of their lot has even played a very grumpy old woman in the TV series of the same name.

Now Fascinating Aida - a comedy troupe with music in their hearts, are set to bring their critically acclaimed, hugely successful ‘Cheap Flights’ tours to the Millennium Forum this Saturday evening.

Dillie Keane, the remaining original member of the troupe - who will celebrate their 30th year in existence next year - spoke to the Journal and said that the audiences in Derry can expect something a little different to every other night of the show.

“We are constantly writing and rewriting - bringing the show as up to date as possible. What you see one night won’t the same the next - everything is very fluid.”

With internet hits such as ‘Cheap Flights’, ‘Dogging’ and more recently ‘Down with the Kids’, Dillie said the group try to grasp on to “whatever is in the ether at the moment and run with that”.

“The current show looks at a little bit of international finance, pick and mix religion - how people try little bits of everything from Yoga to Feng Shui without really knowing what any of it means... things like that.”

It has been some challenge for the troupe to keep the show fresh over 30 years - and while they have received a lot of attention in the last year or so, Dillie is keen to point out they are no “overnight success”.

“I suppose the secret to our success has been doggedness,” she said. “We’ve just kept at it.”

Some times have been more challenging than others for the troupe. Dillie said they were an “overnight success” in 1985 when they featured in a TV documentary and that kept them in the public eye until 1989 when a member left the group and they found it “impossible” to recruit a new Soprano. At various times over the following few years they recruited members, reformed, did well and split again until they came together four and a half years ago to celebrate their 25th anniversary. They have been performing together and to great acclaim since.

To sum up the show, Dillie said it will be a mix of “topical songs, some personal pieces and some sheer silliness”.

Fascinating Aida will play the Millennium Forum this Saturday. To book tickets call 02871 264455.