Crows on the Wire premieres in Derry

A new play looking at the impact the changeover from the RUC to the PSNI had on serving officers will premiere tonight at the Waterside Theatre.

Crows on the Wire, by Jonathan Burgess, will then move on to An Culturlann for one night only before touring the North.

Commissioned by the Verbal Arts Centre, the play aims to gives a human voice to the `unheard stories` of serving officers whose personal lives and families became severely fractured through the turmoil of the troubles.

The play focuses on three characters, all with a different perspective. Jack is a long-serving RUC officer who has just come off his shift.

David is a new recruit looking forward to the change-over, he has high hopes for what the new service will bring. The conversation between the two men leads to the examination of personal feelings and projections of the future, not only of the service but of the individuals who gave their lives to the policing of Northern Ireland during the Troubles.

Verbal Group Chief Executive James Kerr said: “Crows on the Wire is a hugely important piece of theatre.

“From the perspective of peace- building and community relations, the work seeks to provide an authentic voice to add to the on-going work towards a peaceful and normalised society within Northern Ireland.