Hit play brings Duddy home from Big Apple

The New York smash hit 'For Love', by Laoisa Sexton, kicks off its Playhouse run this Monday night, April 8. (50413JC1)
The New York smash hit 'For Love', by Laoisa Sexton, kicks off its Playhouse run this Monday night, April 8. (50413JC1)

Derry’s boxing champ-turned-actor John Duddy says he “can’t wait” to get home for the European debut of his smash hit play ‘For Love’, which comes to Derry’s Playhouse for Culture 2013 this coming Monday, April 8.

Since it first took to the stage at New York’s 1st Irish Theatre Festival last September, ‘For Love’ has defied all expectation with sell-out performances and widespread acclaim, as well as being named “Pick of the Festival” by The Irish Echo.

Written by Laoisa Sexton, the production was even billed as “one of the sexiest events in NYC” by Time Out magazine!

Speaking yesterday, John Duddy reflected on the show’s success and its sensational reviews in the Big Apple.

“It’s great to have the support of the NY tabloids,” Duddy says. “Plus it’s amazing for Laoisa Sexton, who wrote the play.”

“The play is about three Irish women struggling looking for love. I have a few different characters, but Aidan is my main role and he’s a disillusioned artist who has just moved back to Ireland from the states with his wife and kid. The life he is living now isn’t what he expected...”

Since retiring from boxing at the top of his game, the Galliagh man has carved out an acting career for himself in the USA, including starring in Bon Jovi’s last music video! After so long away from the city, he’s eager to get home. “I can’t wait to get home and see my family and friends.”

Formerly known as The Derry Destroyer, Duddy says he has never looked back since embarking on such a huge career change.

“I’m very lucky and have a great wife in Grainne who supports me,” Duddy reflects. “Boxing is a very lonely business. I’m glad I achieved what I did, but having other goals now with acting is fantastic. I’m very excited to take the stage in my home town and I hope everyone enjoys the show.”

Directed by Tim Ruddy, and featuring John Duddy, Jo Kinsella, Georgina McKevitt and Laoisa Sexton, ‘For Love’ runs at The Playhouse from Monday, April 8 to Saturday, April 13, at 8pm. Tickets are £9/ £10/ £14 from The Box Office at: 71 268027 or: www.derryplayhouse.co.uk.