Laugh, cry, clap and cheer at Camp play

Brian Foster, playwright. DER3313SL06 Photo: Stephen Latimer
Brian Foster, playwright. DER3313SL06 Photo: Stephen Latimer

The writer of a brand new play based on life in Springtown Camp says everyone who comes to see the show will leave exhilarated.

Brian Foster’s eagerly anticipated new comedy, ‘From the Camp to the Creggan opens in October for a four night run.

Brian said: ‘This play will take people back fifty years, to early 1960s Derry, which was a whole lot different to the Derry of today. Back then, money simply wasn’t in supply the way it is today. People from working class districts often relied on buying their bits of furniture on HP from Cavendishes, and both their own and their wains’ clothes frequently came via a cheque from the Provident Man.

“Nurse Pitts visited local schools to check the heads of children for ‘wee bogies’. And government issued coupons for tins of powdered milk and orange juice (introduced post war to combat rickets) could be redeemed at various clinics found throughout the city. All in all, a harsh, austere time.

“That is the background against which I have set, ‘From the Camp to the Creggan’. Although the play is first and foremost a hilarious comedy, the daily struggles and deprivations under which Derry families persevered back then makes for a powerful and gripping story.”

Brian Foster points out that his new play contains strong language throughout and takes an irreverent, at times totally outrageous approach to sex, politics and religion. He advises anyone overly sensitive to this not to come to be offended.

Brian again: ‘But to those who do come, and the bookings are already pouring in, I promise they will see a play the like of which has never before been seen on a Derry stage. They will laugh, cry, clap and cheer. They will leave the theatre feeling delighted and exhilarated, perhaps even a little bit scandalised. Even if you’ve never before set foot in a theatre, come and see this one and I guarantee you the best night’s craic of your life. I know that some of those in the local media we’ve let in to watch us rehearse are already describing it as the funniest Derry play they’ve ever seen. Me, I’m happy to let my audiences be the judge of that.’

The play runs from October 16-19. You can book now at 02871 264455 or at: