‘Phenomenal run’ for Josef Locke play

The cast of Josef Locke - A Grand Adventure
The cast of Josef Locke - A Grand Adventure

A play based on the life of Derry tenor Josef Locke has become one of the break out successes of this year programme of events at The Playhouse in Derry.

Penned by local journalist and playwright Felicity McCall, ‘Josef Locke: A Grand Adventure’ completed a four night sell out run last week - and already plans are underway to bring the show back to the Playhouse and also to travel with it further afield.

Kieran Griffiths, producer at the Playhouse, said that he, the cast and crew were “overwhelmed” with the success of the show so far.

“We hoped that people would like it - but we were taking a risk.

“We weren’t funded for this production but we found it had an appeal to local audiences and each night our cast and crew were treated to two standing ovations.”

The play tells the story of Josef’s life - from childhood to his latter years. Three different actors, each representing a different era of Josef’s life interact with each other throughout the show.

The roles were played by newcomer, ten year old Brenn Doherty, gifted barritone Karl McGuckin and stalwart of the Derry theatre scene Peter E Davidson.

“The feedback we had was incredible,” Kieran said. “It struck a chord with people - and had a kind of melancholic joy to it.”

Kieran said the production was designed to target a group of theatre goers who were not currently being catered for. “The success of the show, and the audiences who came out each night, so that we have touched on something that people clearly want to see.

“It has been a remarkable success.”