When a crime wave hits Happy Valley!


No, it’s not good, but it does mean there’s a caseload of mysteries to be solved - and the talented bunch at Good Shepherd PS are just the ones to solve them!

Key Stage 2 Players’ presented ‘Porridge’ in the School Assembly Hall on Wednesday and Thursday, and happily all the big questions were answered - who stole Ma Hubbard’s recipe book? who kidnapped Marigold the cow? and, most of all, what grisly secret is Papa Bear hiding behind his Porridge empire?

Conaill Long was in the lead role as Detective Jack Spratt, ably assisted by a large cast that included Tiernan Cartin (Papa Bear), Aidan Cutliffe, Darragh Coyle, Leah Mason, Charlotte Thompson, William Morrison, Aoife McAllister, Conor McCarron, Matthew Bradley, Ronan Chambers, Sean Doherty, Emer McAnaney, Kate Peoples, Conn Meehan, Aaron Crilly, Luca Ward, Jack Chambers, Sneha Jiby-Mathew, Andrea Deery and Sophie Kelly and more. There were also waitresses, lumberjacks and, don’t forget, Patrick McCarry and Abbie Simpson as Marigold the Cow.

And the final question - was that a top Hollywood producer in the audience? We could be seeing a lot more of this crew . . .