Artlink and UV Arts join forces to host graffiti and street art workshops

Artlink have joined forces with multi-award-winning Derry-based UV Arts to offer young people aged 12-18 the exciting opportunity to take part in a series of free ‘Green Art’ workshops in Buncrana during October 2022.

Once completed, the new artworks will be on public display in the wider Buncrana area – including at Swan Park, Ned’s Point and the Shore Front.

The new ‘Green Art’ project is part of Artlink’s ‘New Rhythm 2022’ programme of public events aimed at making art in the area more visible and physically accessible to people and visitors alike as we emerge from the coronavirus pandemic.

UV Arts (creators of the iconic ‘Derry Girls’ mural and other public artworks in the North West) will be sharing their extensive skills in techniques such as stencilling and photo manipulation – and will aim to empower young people in Buncrana to use their energy constructively to create new artworks that lift community spaces in their area.

The iconic UV Arts 'Derry Girls' mural.

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    The wide-ranging Green / Eco Art project will comprise of 3 sub-projects: 1) Land Art – a large mural painted on the grass using a compressor, spray gun and stencils. The white paint used for this project will be biodegradable so that the mural will fade away with the passing days. 2) Sand Art – a large mural carved out in the sand using stencils and rakes. This mural will be for one day only / a temporary artwork as the tide will come in and wash it away. 3) Water Spray – murals and designs that will be washed into concrete. The young people will use stencils and a power washer to create marks in concrete. This mural will last for days/weeks but will also fade with time.

    Amy Carroll from the Artlink collective says the new project is all about encouraging young people to express their feelings – through art – about how our current lifestyles are having an impact on the planet.

    “Art has an amazing power to inspire and educate us all – and can also play an important role in communicating what matters to us now and in the future” she said.

    “Indeed, as we emerge from the coronavirus pandemic our ‘New Rhythm 2022’ programme of public events is all about encouraging healthier and more sustainable lifestyles, and nurturing a new way of working, a new routine, which is informed by the Celtic Agrarian Calendar to reconnect us with natural rhythms, the seasons, the tides, the place where we are.


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    “Working alongside the amazing UV Arts, we’re hoping as many young people as possible from the local area sign up for this innovative project – which also aims to challenge traditional preconceptions of space through graffiti, street art and modern mural arts.

    “Indeed, in terms of encouraging more people to think about how they can live healthier and more sustainable lifestyles, sometimes a picture – or a mural – can say a thousand words!”

    Karl Porter, founder of UV Arts, added: “We’re delighted to be collaborating with Artlink on their exciting new ‘Green Art’ project – which will engage and inspire young people through the creation of eco-friendly art. “Importantly – since UV Arts was formed in 2015 – our ‘raison d’etre’ has been about creating more vibrant public spaces and making art more inclusive – not least in terms of encouraging young people to get involved and use street art in a positive way within their communities.

    “I’d therefore encourage as many young people as possible from the Buncrana area to sign up for the ‘Induction Day’ on Saturday 1st October – which not only aims to inspire them in terms of using eco-friendly & environmentally conscious art, but also importantly ensure that they all have an input into the design & creation of the new artworks that will be on public display.


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    “Indeed, I have no doubts this will be a really fun and educational project for all of the young people involved which will also help transform their social and creative skills through our wide-ranging activities including graffiti and other visual arts. “It is also going to be great to raise local awareness that if we continue to destroy our marine life, pollute our oceans and fail to combat climate change, we will soon no longer be able to reverse the damage!”

    Young people aged 12-18 can sign up to the new ‘Green Art’ project in Buncrana by contacting Amy Carroll from the Artlink collective on 00353838187441 or email [email protected] An induction day for project planning will be held at St Mary’s Hall in Buncrana on Saturday 1st October. It is essential that you book your time slot for this day.