Belfast gig for Swanee River

Derry city band Swanee River are set to rock the boat when they play The Harp Ice Cold Big Gig in Belfast next weekend. The concert, which will also feature top Irish bands The Beat Poets and Last Known Addiction will be held at the Spring and Airbrake Concert Hall in Belfast next Friday, April 23rd.

Swanee River, who list their musical influences as Led Zeppelin, Free and The Rolling Stones, were formed in 2004 and, after multiple line-up changes, consist of lead vocalist Steve Horner, lead guitarist Graham Baldrick, bass guitarist Johnny Nutt and drummer Conor McCauley.

Horner, a founding member of the band explained how Swanee River got together.

"In the bar one night we realised we had the same taste in music, so we decided to get a band together and do a couple of shows," he said.

"We play good hard rock and roll, we also mix some blues and soul in there too though, so as to make it more original."

It's easy to see how the band, nominated twice in this year's Emerging Talent Awards for 'Best Live Act' and 'Best Band' are able to raise a fanbase of 50,000 on MySpace with critics describing them as "absolutely rockin'!" and "one of the best bands around."

According to Horner, things are going well for the band.

"At the minute we're trying to set ourselves up, mainly through touring and planning an album. Recently we've been working with London based producer Tony Platt, who had a part to play in the success of Bob Marley and AC/DC."

And looking ahead to the Harp Ice Cold Gig, Horner says the band "can't wait".

"It should be a great night. We've played there about 15 times now, it's always a good crowd and good atmosphere."

Swanee River are well used to being in the limelight with gigs all over Northern Ireland under their belt and this summer will be no different.

"We will be playing Glasgowbury this year, it's been very successful in the past. It's the most important date this summer."

Indeed, 2010 could be a very special year for the band, the year they break into the mainstream, especially with a debut album in the pipeline. So keep an eye out for Swanee River in the months to come.