Best Boy Grip launches his first album to critical acclaim

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Singer-songwriter Eoin O’Callaghan has released his first full album, penned under the moniker of Best Boy Grip, and self-titled ‘Best Boy Grip’

Already on the ‘circuit’ from 2011, his EP ‘Barbara’ was critically acclaimed and he performed it in session on BBC6 Music in September 2014.

But this leap from EP to album has not been an easy road, as the full-time musician explained.

“It’s a real labour of love producing your own album. I write every song, perform every song, and produce every song.

“In that respect I do like to have full control, but it makes the process a long one.

“Thankfully I have a working studio at home so I am in there every spare minute I have.”

But an album just doesn’t involve the music.

Eoin said, “I’ve also been heavily involved in the PR, the promotion, the artwork, music videos, organising photos. It’s fair to say it’s a very creative industry, and I jump from one thing to the next constantly.

“That keeps it all fresh, but it’s also a long day.

“Most days I’m up at 9am and I don’t finish until 9pm.

“But I’m a huge believer that it’s a day wasted if I haven’t learned something new.”

This hard work is evident in the album, which has already been described as by The Thin Air as ‘Eleven truly majestic, genre-warping tracks brimming with O’Callaghan’s inimitable flair of conviction, heart and extraordinary musicianship.’

That it is, with his evocative distinctive melodies on the slower tracks of ‘Monster and Me’, ‘Barbara’ and ‘Aim’ all evident, proving a welcome juxtaposition alongside the catchy ‘Sharks’ and ‘Weird Fingers’.

Yet it is the thought-provoking lyrics of ‘Covert’ that truly showcase O’Callaghan’s writing ability.

Through it all, Eoin is empathic that being a musician ‘isn’t a job, it’s a way of life’.

His inspiration comes from his ‘everyday’ and his lyrics are reflective of that.

Looking back at the last few years Eoin pinpoints his performance alongside the Ulster Orchestra on 21st June 2014, as part of BBC Music Day, as his ‘career highlight’, and relishing the challenge Eoin didn’t just turn up and expect the orchestra to fill in behind.

“To play with an entire orchestra behind you is every musician’s dream.

“You can try and add layers and timbre using technology but nothing beats the live performance with talented musicians.

“I studied music production when I was younger and it was great to be able to use that knowledge and write the scores for all of the additional instruments that played with me that day. It was an incredible experience.”

Best Boy Grip’s first studio album is available locally at Cool Discs and online at