Derry’s Ryan finds his ‘Sea Legs’ in new music project

Ryan Vail and Ciaran Lavery of 'Sea Legs.'
Ryan Vail and Ciaran Lavery of 'Sea Legs.'

Derry musician Ryan Vail is already receiving critical acclaim for his latest project.

The collaboration sees minimal electronic artist Ryan join forces with folk singer Ciaran Lavery from Lurgan on a unique project inspired by sounds from fishing villages in Donegal.

Ryan, who lives in Culmore, didn’t stray too far from home for his inspiration for the ‘Sea Legs’ mini album which comes out in April. He travelled to Moville and Greencastle for the documentary type project which saw him record the sounds of the sea as well as capturing the general sounds of the popular fishing locations.

Both signed to Belfast label ‘Quiet Arch’ Ryan and Ciaran had only initially planned to write two or three tracks together after meeting for the first time in November last year, but the project quickly snowballed into more and more tracks with an over-arching theme emerging,

“For us it was about breaking the mould between certain genres. You wouldn’t typically hear folk and electronic together and we’re both very different as solo artists but it’s been great working together.”

The pair are now touring ahead of a yet to be released festival schedule over the summer.

“We’re delighted with the response of critics to our mini album so far,” says Ryan.

There are seven tracks on Sea Legs, four of which are songs featuring Ciaran’s wistful vocals , the other three are ambient pieces which feature spoken word, a Boston and Donegal fisherman , seagulls , the wind and the sea.

“We also had local poet Conor O’Kane on board which was fantastic,” says Ryan.

“We’re really looking forward to playing Derry and Dublin now in our upcoming Irish tour and beyond that, looking ahead to the summer festivals.”

Ryan is also continuting to work on his solo album.

The Sea Legs mini album will be released on April 17 in Ireland and April 20 in the UK on Quiet Arch, on very limited CD and a 10” sea-green marbled vinyl record, with cover art by Theo Weedon.