Lisa pens pilot for new C4 show

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A Derry born screen writer who will be back in the city for the Foyle Film Festival this week says she’s “over the moon” with the news that her latest offering is set to appear on Channel 4.

Lisa McGee, from Prehen, is best known for having created the hit RTE drama Raw and she’s written for several television shows including Totally Frank for Channel 4 and BBC3’s ‘Being Human.’

Now however,she’s concentrating on a story which is really close to her heart.

“Last Friday I found out that a show I’ve been developing for Channel 4 is going to happen. It’s called London Irish and it’s about four Irish friends living in London, which is obviously something I know plenty about!” she laughs.

“I’m really happy that Channel 4 have agreed to go with it because I love the way they’ve always been a bit bolder and I’m really looking forward to getting the show out there.”

Lisa, who’s just finished writing for BBC period drama ‘The White Queen’ says she feels lucky to be so busy.

“It is a tough industry and even though I’ve always been lucky to have plenty of work you always worry that your next job will be your last so you always have that on your mind. But I suppose that’s the unpredicatable nature of television and a lot of people thrive on it.”

Lisa, a past pupil at Thornhill College, says she always loved writing but never thought she’d end up getting paid to write for tv.

“I knew I liked writing and like most young people I grew up watching tv but I just never put the two together, but eventually I realised I was really bad at everything else and that writing was for me. That’s why I’m really pleased to be taking a workshop at the film festival. I hope to able to be helpful to the people who come along. There’s no school where you learn to be a writer, it’s something you have to know and I think it would be helpful to hear another writer. It’s something you do largely on your own and it can be a lonely profession at times so I hope it will be nice for the people who come along to hear about other peoples’ experiences in the writing world.”

Lisa will make the brief visit home before returning to London for work but says she’s looking forward to seeing what happens during Derry’s year as City of Culture.

“I think it’s going to be a really exciting time for the town and I’ll be making sure I’m back for some of the events, it will be a brilliant year for anyone from the city who’s an artist and there’s so much talent in Derry that deserves to be showcased.”

Catch Lisa’s ‘Writing for Stage and Screen’ workshop at the Nerve Centre on Saturday November 24 from 12-30 - 2pm. For more info see