New ‘Galaxy’ star has Derry roots!

Chanetel McGuinness Galaxy Chocolate Advert
Chanetel McGuinness Galaxy Chocolate Advert

CHOCLATE brought Audrey Hepburn back to life and now the “Galaxy” brand has given an Irish singer with strong Derry roots a chance at stardom by showcasing her talents in their new advert.

The 22-years-old Donegal musician Chanele McGuinness - daughter of former “Miss Derry,” Helen Cunningham-McGuinness - stars in the advert for the new Galaxy Duet chocolate bar which will roll out to millions of viewers in the UK and Ireland over the next few weeks.

Ballyshannon born Chanele, who adds a modern twist to Audrey Hepburn’s ‘Moon River’ with her haunting vocals, clashes styles with London lyricist, Bxnjamin, in the 20-seconds spot that Galaxy will spend £4m on advertising over the next few months.

The full time musician says she was shocked when she heard her music had been picked for the advert.

“I was called for an audition in London a few weeks back,” said Chanele. “I never knew anything would come of it. I knew that they were auditioning a few people for this advert and were going to pick the one they thought worked best.

“It was totally surreal and utterly amazing to be at the launch last week and hear my voice in the advert. And even better to see the advert on the television on Sunday night during the X-Factor.

“My family were all sitting around the TV. When the advert came on, it was really funny, my parents were cheering and shouting, everyone was jumping around, people were phoning our house. It was a memorable moment!”

The song ‘Moon River,’ from the 1961 film ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s,’ was previously used by Galaxy in 2013 in an advert in which they brought the iconic actress back to life with the help of CGI technology.

“I love chocolate,” added Chanele. “When we were filming the advert I had to eat a piece of chocolate on camera. We obviously didn’t get it first take. I did about 20 takes of me popping the chocolate into my mouth. I wasn’t complaining. The new chocolate bar is absolutely gorgeous!

“It was really nice to see the advert on TV and my hope would be that someone might take an interest in my voice and it could lead to something else.”

Her Derry-born mum said she was extremely proud of her musical daughter.

“My husband Paul and I are extremely proud of Chanele. We are delighted about the opportunity she has been given. She has worked so hard, she deserves this.”

In the advert Chanele showcases the two Galaxy Duet variants – Cookies and Cream and Caramel and Shortcake, which can be eaten separately or combined, leaving consumers free to experiment with tastes.

You can watch the Galaxy Duet advert starring Chanele here: