Over 40 businesses add prizes to Derry man’s PS5 Christmas raffle in support of charities

Derry man Ryan Mullin has kindly set up a raffle in order to help raise money for Foyle Search & Rescue and the Foyle Foodbank. More than 40 local businesses have donated prizes to support the two charities.

Tuesday, 14th December 2021, 4:00 pm

Those who enter in the raffle will have the chance to win one of four new Playstation 5 game consoles up for grabs,all of which have been donated by Ryan himself.

Other prizes include a range of gift vouchers from different local businesses such as gyms, hair and beauty salons, restaurants and more.

“It’s promoting charity, promoting local business and to shop local,” said Ryan. “I saw a lot of PS5 raffles on social media with people profiting from the raffles. Last year and this year I have seen a lot of local families struggling to get Playstation 5s.

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“I thought these would be great raffle prizes with all the proceeds going towards the Foyle Foodbank and Foyle Search & Rescue. We asked a few local businesses to get involved.

“Everyone was so generous and very willing to get involved with sharing, donating and helping raise awareness. There is more than just one approach to just a raffle and raising money for charity. It is a chance for local people to win a PS5, and even if they don’t, there is still a huge chance of winning many other prizes from our brilliant businesses.

“Hopefully we have a successful raffle and raise a lot of money for the two great charities. We’re using a website called raffall.com,” said Ryan, “just to avoid any issues/concerns with money crossing hands and ticket number confusion, so it’s all very legitimate and the money is shared out between the two charities.

“Speaking with the local businesses involved, we thought this would be the best approach to keep it as impartial as possible by having an external source running the raffle.

“The only problem with that is the external source takes 10% of the funds, which isn’t ideal, but everything other than that goes to the charities.”

The Christmas charity raffle will take place this Saturday December 18 at 4pm. Those who enter can follow the draw at the Raffall website.

The total number of tickets are limited to 400 and are priced at £30 each.

If all tickets are sold it would mean the total amount raised would be £12,000 (minus 10% from the raffle organisation).

The Christmas raffle has the potential to donate over £5,400 for each charity.

“Seeing the great work Foyle Search & Rescue and Foyle Foodbank do locally every year I thought it would be a great idea.

“If you look at the Foyle Search & Rescue website, there are some really impactful stats about the work they do.

“Both the charities have said how beneficial the money from the raffle would be for their work.

“I’m really hoping we can sell all the tickets and raise a lot of money to help the charities make a big impact and change a lot of lives while also supporting our fantastic local businesses.”

If you would like to enter into the Christmas raffle or to check out the other prizes and businesses donating them please visit: