Phat Kiidz: a fresh new chapter in Irish music

A hip hop and R&B act for from Letterkenny are enjoying national attention after teaming up with Goats Don’t Shave for the GAA Jersey song.

Phat Kiidz, aka Jay Kay, (Samuel Kasenga) DoDa (Ndoda Madolo) and Hapz (Happymore Mutyoro) have already seen their star rising as a result of a series of catchy tunes and slick video productions bringing a fresh, contemporary twist to Ireland’s music.

Letterkenny trio Phat Kiidz look set to take Ireland by storm and are hoping to secure more live gigs.

Letterkenny trio Phat Kiidz look set to take Ireland by storm and are hoping to secure more live gigs.

The trio, who are all in their early 20s, who were all born in different African countries and have grown up together in Letterkenny, paid homage to the town in one of their biggest hits. DoDa has also recently released his own powerful tune ‘One Night In Derry’ with the video shot at night from Ebrington against a backdrop of the Peace Bridge, and with his bandmates involved in the project. And the newly released collaboration with legendary band Goats Don’t Shave for the catchy song GAA Jersey has seen them gain national attention.

The band were approached by the music veterans, well known for hits including Las Vegas (In The Hills Of Donegal), which incidentally was written back in 1992, around the time the Phat Kiidz were born. “There’s a connection- the same passion that drove them to write that song, they saw it in our ‘Letterkenny’, and they have been amazing to work with. It’s been immense this last few days, it’s just been crazy.”

Hapz told the ‘Journal’ Phat Kizz consider Letterkenny and Donegal as their home turf. “We actually all came here around the same time. We all went to separate schools but we became good friends. I moved to Letterkenny in 2004 and the others also around that time. I am from Zimbabwe originally, DoDa is from South Africa and Jay Kay is from Zambia. We were all big on listening to hip hop and keeping up to date on what is going on and then we just decided. let’s give it a try.”

The group work with producers from Donegal and Dublin and sit down together once they have the instrumental for their track to work out the lyrics. “We come up with some story lines, work through the chorus and then the verses. We sort of work on a theme like ‘let’s write a song about friendship’,” Hapz says. “The song Letterkenny did quite well in the town and we got a few gigs around the place.”

For more info and to book Phat Kiidz for gigs contact them via their Facebook page.

The song GAA Jersey is now available on iTunes.