Starlight Express ‘trained’ on the Millennium Forum

The cast of Starlight Express which plays the Forum next month.
The cast of Starlight Express which plays the Forum next month.

Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, Starlight Express, explodes onto the stage of the Millennium Forum for five electrifying live shows from Tuesday February 5.

Starlight is currently on a two week run in Torquay and that is where lead actor Jamie Capwell spoke to the ‘Journal’ from about the show and its “hectic and demanding schedule.”

Described as a “futuristic tale about love and hope in the face of adversity” Starlight Express offers two hours of speed, spectacle, energy, daredevil stunts and turbo charged excitement, combined with an electrifying sound track, dazzling sets and costumes, extraordinary roller-choreography and some of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s most memorable musical hits.

Jamie Capwell said: “It is crazy busy. We have nine performances this week.

“This is the second week in this venue and there are two matinee performances so recharging the batteries becomes important. You can’t burn yourself out as June (when the tour concludes) is a long way away.

Internationally renowned choreographer, Tony Award winner and popular television judge Arlene Phillips (The Wizard of Oz, Saturday Night Fever, The Sound of Music, Grease, We Will Rock You and Jesus Christ Superstar) is back on board as director and choreographer for this new production.

Jamie who plays Reece said: “It is a great great show, there is so much going on and no two nights are ever the same. That is due to the fact everyone is on skates, the slightest variation in skating has a big change on where you end up.

“The skating is full on then there is the dancing and your lines to worry about. You body can end up aching as you have your skates on ALL day.”

Though he has only been playing the role of Reece for this tour, Jamie is an old hand at Starlight: “I started on the show in 1999. Even though I’ve done other shows you always come back to this show. Other shows seem slow after this one even the fitness programme required to perform it gives you a kick. Starlight is totally unlike anything else I’ve done. It is the excitement factor.” Speaking about the lead character Jamie said: “Reece is an Elvis style old school rocker and a bit of a show off, certainly he is a ladies man but a little evil with that. He is very funny. I suppose guys want to be him and girls want to be with him. That is very hard to act for me,” joked the dancer.

Such has been the success of the show, which has run for 25 consecutive years in Bochum, Germany, that a few destinations in Europe could be added to this particular train time-table.

“There is nothing lined up so far. We are touring the UK and Ireland until June and we’ll see what happens next perhaps Europe but that’s at least a few months away yet.”

Though he only has employment until June, Jamie said: “Never panic, especially in this show, keeping calm is key.”

Starlight Express performs at the Millennium Forum from Tues 5th to Sat 9thFebruary. Tickets are now available from the Box Office. Telephone 71 264455 or visit for bookings.