Take the R2D2 for Malin Head Star Wars Festival?

The main road to Malin Head could be renamed temporarily.
The main road to Malin Head could be renamed temporarily.

The road to Malin Head could be renamed from the R242 to the R2D2 to celebrate the area’s links with Star Wars and one of the film’s most loved characters.

The proposal by Donegal County Councillor Jack Murray comes as the local community was recently asked for feedback on the possibility of a Star Wars festival in Inishowen next year.

Failte Ireland asked ‘Go Visit Inishowen’ to engage with the community on their thoughts surrounding a possible festival and a public meeting on the idea was held earlier this week.

The event would take place - fittingly - on May 4th and 5th. For non-Star Wars fans, May 4th is ‘Star Wars Day’ chosen for the pun on the catchphrase ‘May the force be with you’ (May the fourth be with you.)

At this week’s Inishowen Municipal District meeting, Councillor Jack Murray suggested that, if the festival goes ahead, the R242 road which leads to Malin Head could be renamed the R2D2, after the R2D2 character, an astromech droid that plays a major role in the films. Colr. Murray said the name change, which would be undertaken temporarily, would “capture the attention of Star Wars fans.”

He said: “It would just be changed for the period of the festival. Auckland, New Zealand recently renamed itself as the ‘Capital of Middle Earth’ for a Lord of the Rings festival. Of course, the community would be asked for their feedback.”

The possibility of a festival has been met positively in the area, with a strong attendance at the public meeting. Heidi Woods, Programme Manager with ‘Go Visit Inishowen’ said they received some “spectacular suggestions” for a programme of events, which, with costings will now be forwarded to Failte Ireland for consideration. She said the festival would involve, and benefit, all of Inishowen.