Talent Northwest want YOU!

Group pictured at the launch of Talent Northwest including, Oliver Green, far right.
Group pictured at the launch of Talent Northwest including, Oliver Green, far right.

Oliver Green, producer of a brand new talent competition, Talent Northwest, has issued an open call to all working musicians, singers, creative artists and performers from across Derry to get involved in the competition.

The local arts expert said: “All too often right across the North West outstanding, quality musicians, singers, dancers and artistic performers of all kinds are working away performing “their hearts out” in pubs, clubs, halls and festivals and are not getting the attention and recognition they deserve.

“They work so hard at their craft, rehearsing, practicing and investing their time, their money and their passion in order to perform and keep doing what they love doing. Talent Northwest is a genuine attempt to shine a light on and showcase that real talent.

“In targeting directly not only the amateur performer but also the working musicians, singers and artistic performers of the Northwest to apply and give their support to Talent Northwest we do so respectfully with the assurance that this showcase is about supporting local talent, pure talent - no sad stories or gimmicks - and we will do all in our power to make sure the Talent Northwest experience shines as much light as possible on all our talented local performers!

With a massive cash prize on offer as well as a host of amazing performance and special appearance opportunities, get applying today online at: www.talentnorthwest.com

Auditions are set to take place at venues right across Derry and the North West including, St Mary’s College, St Brigid’s College, St Cecilia’s College, Limavady High School and other locations, Check the website, www.talentnorthwest for further information.