VIDEO: Temple engulfed by flames

This is footage of the moment The Temple was engulfed by flames at Bard’s Hill in Derry on Saturday, bringing to an end a project which began two years ago.

The ornate wooden creation took six weeks to construct, with hundreds of local volunteers and more than 60,000 visitors making the art project a massive success.

The radical initiative, which cost £300,000 was funded by public bodies and through crowd funding, was produced by Artichoke and supported by Arts Council of Northern Ireland and a raft of partners, sponsors and individual donors.

During the week Temple was open to the public, tens of thousands of people took the opportunity to impart personal messages directly onto the interior and exterior walls and pillars.

The also filled the inside with pictures of loved ones, handwritten messages, items and symbols of peace.

Up to 15,000 people watched as flames leapt up the structure and cheered as the spire collapsed twenty minutes into The Burning on Saturday night in Top Of the Hill.

The fire was lit by eight individuals whom the Temple creator David Best had got to know during the build, including Tony Doherty, Rossa O’Dochartaigh, Michelle McClaren, Paula Higgins and her son, Emma Diven and Bernie McLaughlin.