This ain’t no ordinary taxi

Bernard Ward -
Bernard Ward -

I’m not sure whether I’ve just been on a tour of Derry or been to see a play in a taxi, either way the experience is one I won’t forget in hurry.

It’s Derry’s year as City of Culture so naturally a play that takes place in a taxi is an interesting twist. In this case the play is set entirely in a black taxi, with only the passengers as the audience.

In Two Roads West not only do you get an education about the history of your own town but you also get to see up close and personal a play full of the triumphs and miseries of its characters.

Joining the other two passengers and myself were tour guide and taxi driver Gerry, and passenger (actress) Rosie, who is home from the city after an absence of 40 years.

It’s a moving taxi ride and the chemistry between Gerry and Rosie as the tour continues is infectious. Quite simply this is a taxi ride that every person in the city should take, whether they’ve lived in Derry for 40 years or are just passing through.

If you’re like me and you like a bit of a chat though, you might find it difficult to keep quiet though, I kept wanting to join in the conversation.

Make sure you join cutting edge theatre company Kabosh for the play. You’ll never see the streets in the same way!