Are you brave enough to check-in to Bates Motel this November?

Are you brave enough to check-in to Bates Motel?  . Picture by Brian Morrison
Are you brave enough to check-in to Bates Motel? . Picture by Brian Morrison

Check-in to Bates Motel next weekend with the Ulster Orchestra and guest conductor Richard Kaufmann, who will be visiting Derry for a live performances of Bernard Hermann’s Psycho film score whilst Hitchcock’s famous 1960 film is shown.

Hitchcock’s Psycho was made on a low budget in black and white, but quickly became one of the most successful films of all time. Much of its tremendous impact is of course due to the music. Bernard Hermann worked closely with Hitchcock on several of his films, in this case using only strings to create the hair-raising atmosphere, including the famous shower scene.

Ciaran Scullion, Head of Music, at the Arts Council, commented, “Psycho Live will be an exciting and exhilarating performance appealing to a wide audience, young and old, film buffs and music lovers alike. No matter if you’ve never seen the film or seen it a thousand times, having a live orchestra playing alongside the movie will bring this Hitchcock classic to life in a way that no cinema or surround sound ever can and will have the audience on the edge of their seats from start to finish – simply unmissable!”

Rosa Solinas, Chief Executive at the Ulster Orchestra, commented, “The power of music and image combined captures the imagination like nothing else. The Ulster Orchestra has a strong track record of performing film music, and indeed of providing these exciting live-soundtrack experiences—everything from The Snowman to this, Hitchcock’s most shocking masterpiece. Sure to be a real thriller for those who dare to attend!”

LA-born guest conductor Richard Kaufmann has a life-long passion for film music and regularly appears across the world conducting classic and contemporary film scores including Singing in the Rain, The Wizard of Oz and Casablanca to name but a few.

Bernard Hermann was an American composer renowned for his work in movies. His most famous scores, for films such as Citizen Kane, Taxi Driver, Vertigo and of course Psycho itself, are among the most admired, revered and respected scores in cinema history and continue to cast their magic over new generations.

Psycho Live performances take place on 22November at the Venue in Derry and at the Waterfront in Belfast on 23 November. For tickets visit