Ashleigh Coyle: ‘I was terrified to come back to Derry’

Big Brother's Ashleigh Coyle, pictured at her home coming party.  (DER-34-1908-GMI-03-COYLE)
Big Brother's Ashleigh Coyle, pictured at her home coming party. (DER-34-1908-GMI-03-COYLE)

Derry’s Big Brother contender Ashleigh Coyle has told the ‘Journal’ she was “terrified” of coming back to her home city in case she had come across badly on the TV.

“When you are locked away from everyone you have no idea how the show is being edited, or how you are being portrayed.

“I had no contact with anyone and I was really scared coming back home in case I had come across as a horrible person.”

However she said when she arrived back in the city she was “overwhelmed” by the well wishes of the locals.

“The support from people in the town has been phenomenal,” she said. “I was so emotional at my homecoming party in Karma, just walking up the stairs and seeing everyone there. It was amazing.”

The 18 year old model said that while she has “absolutely no regrets” about taking part in the reality TV show, she wouldn’t be rushing to put herself through a similar ordeal again.

“To go ten weeks without contact with the people you love, and spending time with people who didn’t like you, and who you didn’t like - that was extremely tough at times.

“I would be foolish to put myself through that again.”

She has also declined, so far, to watch any of the footage of her ten weeks in the house. “Oh God, no,” she said. “If I do watch any it will be a long, long time from now!”

But would a call to another TV show appeal? Perhaps a stint in the jungle with Ant and Dec? “Oh God no, I’m terrified of everything that is in there,” Ashleigh laughed.

She added that she had planned to enjoy a nice holiday as soon as she was out of the house but “things have been manic”.

“My phone hasn’t stopped ringing,” she said. “It has been non-stop. Which is brilliant.

“I was planning on concentrating on my modelling career when I came out so I’m getting off to a good start. I’ve also been approached about presenting work, which I would be very interested in - so watch this space!”