Ashleigh stays in Big Brother

Ashleigh Coyle
Ashleigh Coyle

Derry teenager Ashleigh Coyle remains in the Big Brother house despite wanting to be kicked out.

The 18-year-old had expressed her hope that the public would vote her out of the house on Friday, but instead Jale Karaturp became the fifth housemate evicted from Big Brother.

Jale had been confident of staying, saying: “They (Big Brother) asked me my prediction and I said Ashleigh, I said I got it wrong last week but I tend to get it more accurately when I’m up.”

Ashleigh worried: “I’m starting to worry in case it’s not me.”

The public vote means the former Miss Derry must remain in the house with arch-enemy Helen Woods for at least another week.

In the house, Ashleigh’s friend Danielle said she had ‘never been so shocked’ in her life that Jale had gone, adding: ‘That is the biggest shock of the whole series.’

The crowd could be heard appearing to chant: ‘Get Steven out.’

Some commentators believe Marlon will leave next week after pushing a button to save himself from eviction, which left the housemates on scant rations for the week, so Ashleigh may have to endure the rows for a while yet.