Derry film a parody of ‘Dr Who’

Imagine if the fate of the human race was left in the hands of a Derry man.

That is exactly what a local film making company, Alien 8 Films has done.

Derry man Clive (played by Tony Doherty) is out to save the day in Alien 8 Films' 'Invaderz'.

Derry man Clive (played by Tony Doherty) is out to save the day in Alien 8 Films' 'Invaderz'.

Director Eoin Coffey and producer and actor, Tony Doherty, are the brains behind Alien 8 Film’s ‘Invaderz’ and they have also created a link exclusively for readers of the Derry Journal to visit on-line and watch the movie.

‘Invaderz’ is somewhat of a parody of popular science fiction television series ‘Dr. Who’ and Sci-Fi movies such as ‘The Matrix’.

In the film, Tony Doherty, plays Derry man Clive, who unwittingly finds himself with the responsibility of saving the world and the human race. What follows is not just a parody of modern day science fiction but there’s a certain degree of social commentary going in the background too.

Filmed on a shoestring beget in Derry, ‘Invaderz’ saw a large amount of local talent come together to work on the film. The result is first class and if you don’t believe us then check out the link at the end of this article and watch the film for yourself.

'Invaderz' was filmed in Derry.

'Invaderz' was filmed in Derry.

Eoin and Tony saw the premiere of their movie in Screen One of the Brunswick Moviebowl in September and they hope to officially launch ‘Invaderz’ at the Belfast Film Festival in early 2015.

Eoin and Tony used to run a production company called Ambient Light Productions where their bread and butter work would have been producing high-end corporate videos for businesses and television documentaries.

“‘Invaderz’ has been a long time coming but after working on it off and on for the best part of four years it’s finally finished.

“We held the premiere in the Brunswick Moviebowl in September and we were delighted with the way it went. I am so thankful for the support the Moviebowl gave the movie and it was received really well.”

A movie still from 'Invaderz'.

A movie still from 'Invaderz'.

Inevitably, as ‘Invaderz’ sends up television programmes like ‘Dr. Who’ it required a lot of special effects work.

Eoin, who was born in Derry but raised in London, has been directing for over ten years but had his sights set on getting behind a movie camera from the early age of 11.

“When it comes to special effects I am completely self-taught,” explained Eoin.

“I did all of the special effects work on one laptop. Some scenes, which may only last between 10 and 20 seconds in the film, could take up to three weeks to create - that’s why it took us a while to finish the film.

Some of the special effects in 'Invaderz' created by director, Eoin Coffey.

Some of the special effects in 'Invaderz' created by director, Eoin Coffey.

“We received absolutely no funding or finance for the film and many of the people who worked on it gave up their free time - we wouldn’t be here talking to you about this film if it wasn’t for them,” he added.

‘Invaderz’ lasts 50 minutes and both Eoin and Tony want to enter the film into some high profile film festivals as well as look at the possibility of turning the concept into a television series.

“Like every filmmaker, I want as many people as possible to see our film as possible and we are looking forward to taking it to some film festivals next year,” said

“We would also like to maybe try and turn the idea for the film into a television series - hopefully some of the big networks will show an

Tony has been a producer for almost 15 years and along with Eoin he helped to make the 2007 docu-drama, ‘Agnes’ which told the story about Fahan woman Agnes Jones who helped to develop nursing in Ireland.

Tony is as passionate about ‘Invaderz’ as director Eoin. Tony is the leading man and plays Derry down and out, Clive.

“We wanted to give the responsibility of saving the day to the most unlikely person. Clive is without question one of the most useless people but he finds himself at the centre of something truly monumental - even if it is all by mistake,” he laughed.

“I don’t want to give too much away because we want as many readers of the Derry Journal to go and watch the movie.”

If you would like to watch ‘Invaderz’, all you have to do is log on to

The link will remain live until December 2, 2014.