St. Vincent - Review

Bill Murray as Vincent MacKenna in 'St. Vincent'.
Bill Murray as Vincent MacKenna in 'St. Vincent'.

It has more clichés than a Daniel O’Donnell concert but Theodore Melfi’s ‘St. Vincent’ is delightfully charming.

Bill Murray plays misanthropic war veteran, Vincent MacKenna.

Jaeden Lieberher as Oliver in 'St. Vincent'.

Jaeden Lieberher as Oliver in 'St. Vincent'.

Vincent’s life started to fall apart when his beloved wife, Sandy (Donna Mitchell) was diagnosed with dementia.

Vincent’s days consist of drinking to excess and sleeping with ‘Lady of the Night’ Daka (Naomi Watts) but that all starts to change when Maggie (Melissa McCarthy) and son Oliver (Jaeden Lieberher) move into the house next door.

If you have seen the trailer for this film then you’ll know it’s inevitable that an unlikely relationship develops between Vincent and Oliver.

Vincent teaches Oliver how to stand up for himself at school whilst Oliver’s innocence begins to melt Vincent’s cold heart and before long he’s doing things he never thought possible.

The moments when Murray and Lieberher are on to screen together are absolutely brilliant.

Murray is at his best when he is just being himself but I was blown away and brought to tears by Lieberher’s performance. Award nominations should come a knocking.

‘St. Vincent’ is so full of sentiment that it makes an episode of ‘X-Factor’ feel dry and matter of fact but that’s okay.

It’s the film’s sentiment and brilliant pairing of Murray and Lieberher which makes it work so well.

There are interesting supporting roles for Naomi Watts (who has one of the worst Polish accents in the history of ever), Irish actor Chris O’Dowd and Terrence Howard but perhaps the most satisfying is Melissa McCarthy’s display as Oliver’s mum, Maggie.

McCarthy was teetering on the edge of being type-cast as a result of her performances in ‘Brides Maids’, ‘Identity Thief’ and ‘The Heat’ but in ‘St. Vincent’ she has stepped out of her comfort zone a little.

In essence, ‘St. Vincent’ is a wonderful film about men, women and children. It not only tugs on the heart strings but rips open your chest and slaps it about a bit. It’ll make you laugh, it’ll make you cry but most of all, it’ll make your day.

VERDICT: 4/5 - If I am honest, I wasn’t expecting much from Theodore Melfi’s film ‘St. Vincent’. I thought it was going to be full of so many clichés that it would make me want to be sick. I was right about the clichés but wrong about how I would feel. I absolutely loved this film. Billy Murray is great as misanthropic war veteran, Vincent but the star of the show is Jaeden Lieberher who is brilliant as innocent little boy Oliver. There’s also a great soundtrack too.