Would you like to #tweetreview with @derryjournal?

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We want you to let us know what you think... Twitter style... with the Derry Journal’s new tweet reviews.

The Derry Journal is looking for Twitter-style reviewers to muse over the latest happenings in music, theatre, television and the arts both locally and further afield..

Whether you are a theatre buff, film mad, enjoy your video games, love a good book or attend a local event or restaurant, we want to hear from you!

Reviews need to be no longer than 140 characters - as per Twitter style - and must include what it is you are reviewing, where you saw it, and your overall opinion. Take a look at the example tweet review below.

Usual rules apply - no foul language or abusive comments.

We hope this will be an ongoing project and all suitable reviews will be retweeted and published in print and online.

Here’s how to get involved:

Tweet your review to @derryjournal, using hashtag #tweetreview.

Or e-mail david.wilson@derryjournal.com - Put ‘tweet review’ in subject line.

Example tweet review:

@derryjournal Music/CD/ArdRi Band/cool coming together of fine folksters. Great tunes, great band. A must have Derry album #tweetreview

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